Our in-house construction projects include a combination of co-living, co-working, incubator spaces, and holistic spas and holistic design. Our membership-based model communities will not only extend online, but they will also extend offline as well.

Our KCMO community includes a holistic spa, coworking space, and a coliving space that is due to open in late 2019- early 2020.  Our "micro suburb" initiative includes buying full city blocks and turning them into membership based communities that include living, working, and playing.  Each of our micro suburbs will be included in our smart economic network that recycles dollars within our hubs to ensure prosperity for all members both online and offline.

These micro-communities will promote a healthy learning environment for all while eliminating obstacles such as a single parent unwilling to return to school due to lack of childcare, families disrupted by the lack of Internet connections at home, food deserts, low quality education options, lack of work opportunities, lack of 21st-century job training, negative health and wellness outcomes, and more!


CoIncubative is the next generation of how companies, the workforce, and consumers will interact together. CoIncubative has a core of leaders and partners that ensure holistic corporate wellness that addresses how leadership, the workforce, and the consumer lives, works, and play. 

Through the use of technology and growth strategy, we transform problems into holistic solutions that create a lasting effect for our clients. We create strategies that ensure authentic relationships are built with the target audience and that your workforce and consumers become your companies greatest cheerleaders. Our expertise ranges from workforce development, growth hacking, corporate wellness, life/work balance, digital transformation, and more.

The Core CoIncubative Team of Partnerships Include:

Kia McClain, (late) Lonnie Williams, Leah Merriweather, Joe and Toyia Mays

The Laya Center
Interior 53
Vibrate Higher