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Co-Working Spaces and Incubators Should be More Than Shared Space!

Accenture Highlights Several Reasons Our Model is "Spot On"!

Why CoIncubative?

The landscape of traditional employment, business opportunities, how we live, and how we view work is rapidly changing from the 20th-century model that has been ingrained into society.  Because of disruption, doing the same type of work for the rest of your life is highly unlikely, living in the same place is equally as unlikely as families migrate to where thriving industries are.  In fact, you should count on the need to learn new skills and different jobs several times over your life span.

As disruption causes companies to close their doors that did not innovate, or innovate fast enough, masses of people are finding themselves out of work without the skills needed to find a 21st-century level job.  Many employers do not know what it takes to attract 21st-century talent so they are equally at a loss.  Meanwhile, both groups often have trouble understanding how to strategically use the tools of the 21st-century for success.  Employers are losing the battle of balancing the need to steer their companies into the 21st-century while keeping their employee's skill set up-to-date.  Often, employers have no idea what their staff needs to learn to keep up with the speed of the changing consumer, economy, how people live, and technology.

The future demands a different approach to life, employment, the way we do business, and how we learn.  At CoIncubative, we have gone a step beyond co-working spaces and incubators as they presently exist today. Our strength is creating possibilities that currently do not exist on a large scale to fill the holes in our economy, how employment is done, and how businesses are run. 



We are the co-working and incubator space of the future with built-in problem-solving and time-saving solutions that employers and the workforce of the future demands. We help our members to build the industries and companies of the 21st-century through actionable training, strategic alliances, and project-based work/business opportunities. We also help create stable employment opportunities for the workforce of the future through our unique partnerships and 21st-century workforce development programs.  We create holistic programs that support drastic and disruptive change.  We are changing how we live, work, and play.